How to use Bet Builder

Bet Builder is a feature on KTO.com that gives you more customization in building your own football and basketball bets. Using Bet Builder, you can combine bets from multiple markets in a single event. BetBuilder is offer pre-live and live across all the major football competitions and pre-live on basketball.

What is KTO’s Bet Builder available and how can I use it?

Bet Builder can be used both before and during a live event on soccer and before a basketball match. To start using Bet Builder, click on the event you want to bet on and expand the options using the drop-down arrow. Choose Bet Builder from the menu and start selecting your preferred markets to create your own bet.

How many markets can I select from using KTO’s Bet Builder? 

You can select up to 6 markets to create your bet.

Why use KTO’s Bet Builder?

If you are more tactical about your bets and think that certain outcomes have a high probability of happening, you can combine these using Bet Builder to potentially get a larger payout. The odds will be higher than multiple single bets using Bet Builder, but you rely on all selected bets to come through to get a payout.

Terms and Conditions

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