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Welcome to the Online Roulette Lobby on KTO Live Casino. Before starting to play, why not learn about this classic casino game? Roulette is one of the big classics of the Live Casino world, and the spinning red and black wheel is an image many of us can picture.

How to play Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance which starts with a ball dropping into a numbered spinning wheel, the wheel will slow down, and the ball will stop on a number. This number is the winning number of that round.

To win, you must place a bet related to the winning number. Bets can involve a bet on that specific number, a group of numbers, if the number is odd or even, or if the number is black or red.

Although there are many different ways to bet on Roulette, it is still a game of chance, so there’s no skill or strategy needed to learn how to play.

What are the most common terms used in Roulette?

As the game is easy to follow, most Roulette terms are about how you can bet. With Roulette, there are two betting types, inside and outside bets.

Inside bets are the bets played on the inside of the table and are usually lower odds with higher payouts. They include:

Straight/Single: A bet on a single number
Split: A bet split between 2 numbers
Street: A bet split between three numbers next to each other on a horizontal or vertical row.
Square/ Corner: A bet split between 4 numbers

Outside Bets on the Roulette table are bets with a higher probability of happening at the cost of lower payouts. They include:

Red/Black: A bet on if the number will be red or black
Odd/Even: A bet on if the number will be odd or even
High/Low: Will the winning number be in the lower half or top half of the number

It’s always good to start on these types of bets to familiarize yourself with how it works if you’re starting to play. Remember, you can always place one or more bets simultaneously, improving the probability you get a win!

Why Play Roulette on KTO

Playing Roulette on KTO comes with its advantages. When you sign up, you can start earning cashback while you play!

We make sure you can play Roulette just the way you want. Explore live roulette tables direct from the casino or speedy alternatives like auto-roulette and first-person Roulette!

We also host many similar types of table games that offer a similar casino experience. Check out Baccarat and Sic Bo, two casino classics with simple game rules.

What Types of Roulette can i play on KTO?

Here at KTO, we have different types of Roulette tailored for how you want to play! Along with standard roulette games, lightning roulette is a version with less downtime between the rounds. This is the same with Auto Roulette which is still live in real-time but without a dealer.

Can I claim any Casino promotions or bonuses playing on KTO?

Check out our promotions page for all of our current promotions. There’s a variety of offers you can claim across all of our different games.

As long as you have a KTO account, you can take advantage of our Casino Cashback bonus, which gives you incremental cashback while you play.

What is Casino Cashback?

Casino Cashback is our unlimited promotion available for both live casino and slot games.
Every KTO player has access to our exclusive cashback feature, and all cashback is wagering free! Cashback is available on all Slots, Blackjack, Poker and much more!

How do I claim my bonuses or promotions on KTO?

We offer promotions across all of our services, including Casino, Live Casino and Sportsbook, so the way you can claim a promotion will depend on the one you want to activate.

Check out our dedicated Promotions Page, where you can find all the current promotions on offer. Each promo has an overview of how to claim it.

Can I play for Free on KTO?

Most Games have a “Play for Fun” option, a free version of the game. You have to deposit and play with real money to win real money. This option is great to try the game out before playing for real. You can also spectate Live Casino games to watch how people play!

Is a trustworthy site?

At KTO, we are proud to provide you with the highest possible quality of service. We are self-proclaimed gaming enthusiasts and understand how important it is to trust the site you play on. Here are just some ways we keep our site fair, entertaining and transparent for you;

– We are a fully-licensed sports betting and online casino operator and comply with all licence objectives. This includes our play-safe policies and support for gambling responsibly.

– A Random Number Generator (RNG) predicts all our virtual casino games. This computer program generates numbers to predict a game’s result in a way which can only be random, giving every player an equal opportunity to win,

– We accept the most popular international payment methods for simple, quick, and secure transactions. All available methods will automatically appear when you open up the cashier. Check out the payment options for your region.

Find out more about KTO, or for any more information, you can contact our team via Live Chat or email at [email protected]

How can I create an account on KTO?

You can create a KTO account by following the instructions on our registration page or by clicking “Join Now” from the menu at the top of the screen.

Once you’re in, you’ll have access to our sports betting and online casino services. You can start enjoying our exclusive promotions on whatever you want to play!

Signing up to KTO is free, but you’ll need to deposit money to win actual money prizes.

Play Responsibly on KTO

We want to ensure that all players can bet and play responsibly on a safe online platform. Our services are used as a source of fun and entertainment and not as your primary way to make money.

Set your limits from the Play Safe section of your account, and control all the ways you bet online with Deposit & Betting Limits. There are also account settings for self-exclusion and cool-down to prevent you from using the site for a set amount of time or indefinitely.

Please refer to our Responsible Gaming page for more information and help with gambling issues. The first step in the right direction is to seek help by finding out what support is available to you.