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How to use Partial Cashout


Partial Cashout is a betting feature available on KTO that gives you ultimate control over your live bets.

The Partial Cashout feature allows you to request part of the stake back during a live event without completely closing the bet, allowing you to let your bet run at a lower stake.


When is KTO’s Partial Cashout available and when can I use it?

Partial Cashout is available on the majority of betting markets but is only available during live events. It can also be used on both single and multiple bets.

Be sure to keep an eye out on your open bets, Partial Cashout could be activated at any time during a live event.


Why use KTO’s Partial Cashout?

Partial Cashout allows you to mitigate some of the risks on your open bets. You can still continue your initial wager and if you lose you have already retained some of that wager by cashing out.


Can I use KTO’s Partial Cashout using bonus money?

Bets placed using bonuses (e.g. Risk Free Bet) are exempt from using Partial Cashout unless stated otherwise.

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